Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mokume Gane with Melanie Muir

A couple of weeks ago, at the Polymer Master Class Camp in Laurel, Maryland, I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a 2-day workshop with Melanie Muir.  Melanie shared many of her techniques and tips with us as we created one of her classic Rocks Cuffs and a pendant.  She is meticulous in each step of her work, and her mokume gane technique was eye opening.  Melanie has a full video explaining and demonstrating each step on

The photos here are my work based on her mokume gane technique as well as the process she has developed for the rocks cuffs.  Melanie has created some great shape templates which she sells on her web site.  The site is full of examples of Melanie's work - wonderful eye candy!

I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop, and am looking forward to applying some of the ideas she shared in my own work. The purple and rust pieces will be used to make a pendant.

The bangles below show three different mokume gane patterns using Melanie's technique.


  1. Hi Kristie - I love these new Melanie Muir beads! You've made a fabulous job of them! Did the tutorial include the Mokume Gane pattern? Love watching your new entries, I always check your site every morning!

    1. Thanks, Marion! Yes, the tutorial demonstrates her mokume gane technique as well as how to create a bracelet with channels. It's a nice video, and I think you'd find it very helpful.