Friday, July 17, 2015

Master Class Camp 2015 - Learning Something New!

I've just returned from Laurel, Maryland, where I attended Master Class Camp 2015.  Camp is composed of a series of two-day workshops with some outstanding polymer artists as instructors.  I was fortunate to take classes from both Eugena Topina and Lindly Haunani.  I had a great time, learned much, stretched my thinking, and pushed beyond my comfort zone a bit.  I'll be posting samples of my work from their classes over the next few days.

The first class I took was with Eugena Topina.  She has some excellent tutorials available online, and I was delighted to have this opportunity to meet and work with her.  This class focused on the development of a "stamping" tool.  It was the first time I've taken a workshop for the development and design of a tool, and I found the idea - and the process - fascinating.  Since this class is also available as a tutorial, I will not go into detail on how the stamping tools were developed.  Here, I have photos of some of the stamping tools I developed in class with an example of an application possible with the tool.  I definitely plan on making more of these tools and using them in my creations.
                                                                        To the left is a piece using one of the tools I made and demonstrating the mokume gane technique.                                                                                Below are two additional examples of tools used to create unique designs.

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