Monday, March 11, 2013

Nested Triads

Usually, when you see a curved piece of polymer, the bend is convex.  I decided to try a convex shape. Once I got started, I realized I wanted to group multiple layers together.  Here are my first results.  I really like them.  I used the same drop shape in three different sizes, so that each fit inside the larger one. To connect the three shapes, I drilled holes in each piece that went diagonally through the 3 pieces at the top point.  I also drilled an additional hole in the smallest (top) piece on the lower edge. Using a thin wire, I threaded up through the lower hole, added some beads or pearls, and then passed the wire up through the three holes a the tops of the pieces.  I wound the end in a small circle. This circle helps hold the pinch bail in place.

When I made these, I didn't realize that the way they are connected creates just enough tension to allow the shapes to be "fanned" out.  The aqua piece shows the pendant in both formations.

Now I need to try some other shapes.

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