Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Colorful Moroccan Beads

I took one more workshop at CFCF 2017.  This class was also taught by Lisa Haney, and ranked up there as one of my favorites.  As you can tell from the photos, we made rounded lentil beads with a Moroccan theme.  The shapes of the cutters and the impressed designs really made these beads interesting and unique.  The application of oil paint after baking gave an antiqued look to the beads, and made the designs we had stamped into the clay really stand out. Some of the beads were made with white or beige clay, some with colored clays, and some were even made with Skinner blends.  Once again, Lisa came up with some clever tools for us to use.  She provided each participant with marbles of different sizes to use as forms for baking the clay.  She also gave us small wooden stands that were perfect for holding the marbles while they were baking.

Another idea Lisa shared with us was to use the shapes and impressed designs to make curved earrings.  Here are three sets I made, just waiting for finishing and findings.

As in the fish workshop, we were fortunate to have donations of many of our supplies. Polyform again donated all the Sculpey Premo! clay we needed. Tandy Leather gave each participant five Craftool Pro stamps, and Makins provided same shape cutters. We all really appreciated the donations and I'm already using some of these items for more creations.  That of course means you can expect to see more pieces based on this Moroccan design coming soon!


  1. This was the class Tandy Leather provided five stamps, not two (fish class was two)! Don't you just love your stamps!!!

    Just a reminder that in your class kit was that tiny set of round cutters. You can use them to put a hole in your earrings so you don't have to drill later.

    I love all of your work. It's neat to think that I helped to inspire some of it. Can't wait to see where you go with it!

    1. HI, Lisa,
      Thanks for the reminder. Yes, we had 5 lovely stamps from Tandy for this project, and I used every one! I've been making several of the Moroccan lentils and some earrings - and then have branched off into a different set of earrings. They'll be posted as soon as I manage to get them finished and photographed. Thanks again for being an inspiration - and developing such great workshops!