Friday, March 31, 2017

More Plaid Pieces

I really like making these sheets of plaid to use as veneers.  Here are a few earring and bracelet combos I've just finished.  The bracelets are from my new adjustable knotted line.  The earrings are new with a cutout section that gives the piece some dimension as it is pulled to meet in the middle. I'll be putting these pieces in a show I'm doing at the Westerly gallery for April.
I tried something new with this periwinkle and pistachio colored bracelet.  The surface wanted some spring-time decoration, hence the little flowers.
The colors in these next two sets remind me of the Madras shirts that were so popular many years ago.  One of the things that is fun about a plaid is colors you might not normally put together have a way of complimenting each other and creating an interesting visual harmony.

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