Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Little "Floating Flower" Earrings

Sometimes, when I'm finished working on a project, I'll pick up some of the left-over pieces, and start fiddling around with them.  I was playing with a "scrap" from a wedge cane, making a little drop shape, and it looked like a bud or flower center.  Since I'd just been making the wine glass "ID rings", I had some of my smaller shape cutters out, too.  Well, one thing led to another, and these little lotus flowers took shape.  They remind me of the water lilies that floated on the backwaters in the delta area near where I went to college.  They looked like this with wider petals open and the center still folded tight.  I may play again with more petal layers, but I like the simplicity of these for now.
I guess the saying is true, in polymer, there are no scraps!

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