Friday, March 24, 2017

New Polymer Beaded Necklace Design

I enjoy making canes, particularly the wedge canes that work so well in flowers and similar designs. Of course, once I have a cane made, I have to play around with a slice or two to see what shapes might appear.  That's pretty much how these 2 necklaces evolved.  I had made new canes and was folding and bending slices in different ways, then combining them, when the design on the cane slices led to the curved shape you can see in these 2 pieces.  I had to make a lot of individual beads before I could construct the necklaces.  It was fun to watch them lined up on folded card stock for baking.

The necklaces, while very similar, are strung slightly differently.  The pattern on the piece with the pistachio green and deep periwinkle beads just flows all the way around the necklace, each piece separated from the next by light green fire-polish crystals and deep periwinkle glass pearls.  I really like the way the deep purplish lines radiate into the cream section on each bead, and lend a feeling of motion and continuity to the piece.

The purple and fuchsia polymer beaded necklace has the beads facing in opposite directions along each side, meeting in the middle in front. The lines from the wedge cane in this example fill the whole space of the bead and look almost velvety.  Glass pearls in mid-cream and deep purple pull the piece together.

I have found that good magnetic closures are working well and make it easy for anyone to be able to wear these pieces.

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